Nafiseh Keshavarz Saji

Marketing Research Consultant

I want to contribute to the development of marketing research in Iran and the world. SO It's my difference To have some huge marketing research Ideas.


Master Economics

Institute/University: Olom Tahghighat University

Bachelor Statistics

Institute/University: Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU)


Leadership experience


communication skills


Problem Solving Ability


Computer skills


NCSS Software


MAXQDA Software


Power Bi Software


Spss,Lisrel,Amos,R Software


AHP,Topsis,Eviews Software


Segmentation, Targeting Market


Online Vs. Offline Research


Data (Research) Analysis


Qualitative & Quantitative


Statistical Modeling skills


Professional Report Writing


Agile Marketing Knowledge


Presentation skills


Work Experience

Marketing Research Manager

Alibaba Travels Co

Head of FMCG Market Research Team

Rahbar Bazaar Co _ Affiliated by KANTAR CO

Senior Data Analyst

Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) _ Eshareh Holding

The Teaching Of SPSS Statistical Software (Basic and advanced)

Mojtame Fanni Tehran

Project Manager

Gooya Marketing Research _ Darvag Co

Teaching Econometrics

Azad University , Firoozkooh Branch



Reading Level


Writing Level


Speaking Level


Listening Level



Reading Level


Writing Level


Speaking Level


Listening Level



Title Project: Online Marketing Research, Segmentation and Targeting (Quall & Quant)

Description: The Last: The Goal of Marketing Research and Segmentation is to understand end-user behavior (Usage And Attitude (U&A)) and break down the market.

Title Project: Ad Test (Advertising Evaluation)

Description: The Last: Based ON the Storyboard and Video Clip to measure factors such as Advertisement Appeal, Brand Link, Brand Opinion Shift, Advertisement Descriptors, Emotional Impact, Purchase Intent, etc.

Title Project: Trends Market Research

Description: The Last: The Subject is the advertising views measurement on social media, billboards, etc. Using Power BI Software for presentation. In Group of Repeatedly Projects.

Title Project: Brand Awareness

Description: The Last: Pre and Post campaign survey to measure indicators Total, Aided, Unaided Awareness, Top of the mind (TOM), etc. Using Power BI Software for presentation.

Title Project: NPS Model

Description: "Net Promoter Score" is measured by the loyalty index so we create a trend report on POWER BI Software for presentation.

Title Project: Offline Marketing Research (Quall & Quant)

Description: The Last: F2F survey in specified locations to understand end-user behavior (Usage And Attitude (U&A)) and break down the market. Also, Using Power BI Software for presentations.

Title Project: KANO Model

Description: Prioritize new features in the product development process.

Title Project: Brand Study (Keller Model)

Description: The Last: Brand knowledge includes Brand awareness (consists of brand recognition and brand recall performance) and brand image (consists defined as consumer perception of a brand as reflected by brand association held in consumers’ memory)

Title Project: Qualitative Research

Description: The Last: A comparative study of People's views and attitudes toward tourism. Using MAXQDA Software to analyze data.

Title Project: High-Value and Lost Costumers

Description: Based on the Online Marketing Research conducted Between the client persona.

Title Project: Retail Audit

Description: The last: In the form of observation and interview in stores. In Group of Repeatedly Projects.

Title Project: Satisfaction Consumers

Description: Repeated 3 times (yearly). In Group of Repeatedly Projects.

Title Project: Product Placement Test

Description: The goal of these projects have been Branded Product Tests and Lunch the new Product.

Title Project: Home Test

Description: The last: Blind test of products at home.

Title Project: Central Location Test

Description: The last: Blind test of products in specific locations.

Title Project: Conjoint Analysis Projects

Description: Instead of asking people how important something is to them, Conjoint Analysis is used to derive the importance. The Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint (ACBC) has been the Model in this project. Also, We have used an International Group member as our Consultant.

Title Project: Penetration Rate (In Iran)

Description: Measurement of Factors such as Products Availability, Availability of brand share, Penetration Rate of Brand, Brand Availability, Retailer's behavior & expectation, Preferred promotions, Distribution channels, etc.


Effective Presentation

Institute: Ten Step Co.

National Certified Computer User

Institute: Mojtama Fani Tehran

Basic and Advanced SPSS

Institute: Mojtama Fani Tehran



: Estimating the effect of factors affecting return on asset in the Islamic banks ( case study: OIC member countries)

Publisher: Journal of Economic Research and SID (Scientific Information Database)

Description: Evaluating the performance of the Islamic financial and economic institutions and identifying their mechanisms can help to have better policy-making in the banking system. In this regard, different variables can be considered to measure the profitability of banks.